This is a critical matter to look after while buying an electric bike.

The price range of electric bikes is very widespread. This question will be answered once the buyer of the product(you) have answered a few other questions. Let’s start by looking at some of these relevant questions for determining, How much does an e-bike of your choice is worth??

There are a few questions that can be considered and answered one by one so that we can find the answers to our true main question.

What do you want from your e-Bike?

Do you need something just to reach your office? which is only a few miles away from your place. Or you are looking for something comfortable for your long-distance commute?
The price depends essentially on one’s needs.

If you just want to ride a quick 5-miles drive away, you don’t have to spend too much on a cycle with more energy and a bigger engine; but, if you want to use your bicycle for long drives in the hill regions, you have to pick the best motor and battery.

What do we look for in an e-bike? it’s the battery, the motor, the controller and the structure for comfort.

Based on battery

There are bikes with pedal assistance often known as Pedelec, these bikes don’t rely completely on the motor, but they drag-support from it, and the battery only e-bike is throttle e-bike these can work without pedaling as well. Naturally, the prices vary according to the model you chose; the pedelecs are generally cheaper than the throttle bikes.

There are also 3 styles of battery designs on motorcycles that can affect the prices of e-bikes. The removable battery type, the built-in battery, and the fixed trunk form. You have easy access to the battery charging that you can remove from your e-bike’s body and charge anywhere and also remove it to lower your bike’s weight when you don’t need it. It can cost you more than others because it offers you choices.

Next, the built-in battery type in this, the batteries are generally fixed to the middle frame in the bike body. These are non-replaceable and installed inside the bike frame, since the battery is mounted in the center it ensures the stability and simplifies the ride.

It also gives the bike a solid look that prevents the faulty exterior appearance of the bike. These could be more expensive than others because people today are so often attracted to designs.

Now the fixed trunk shape is less expensive than others because it gives an external view of the battery and also because it is placed on the bike’s back trunk it could make the ride a bit harder as the batteries are heavier in e-bikes.

Based on Motor

Three variants of motors are commonly found on the market with an e-bike: the rear-hub motor, the front-hub motor, and the mid-drive motor. The model you choose will affect your e-bike’s price. The rear hub and front hub engine couldn’t be very expensive as they have the same purpose as the rear hub engine in the rear wheel while the front engine is in the front wheel.

All of them have their advantages as the rear hub motor is compact and in the center, so it can easily get fixed without disturbing the entire bike mechanics. However, if the rear hub motor is attached to the gear system, you can find it difficult to switch gears while riding also frequent gear change can affect the performance of the bike But there are e-bike models in the industry that don’t support the rear wheel gear feature.

Therefore the rear-hub engine would cost less, but regular services and repairs might cost more. While talking of a front hub motor As they are implanted into the front hub engine, the performance of the motor is not hampered by pedaling, but the con is, as they are set in the front tire, they are perhaps not useful for pushing the bicycle well on slopes.

Now the mid-drive motors are generally more expensive than the rear and front-hub models, as they are in the center, they provide better balance, giving the bike a great torque to ascend on hills or mountains, they aid the rear wheel with the chain, they are more powerful than other two styles, which is also an explanation why the mid-drive motor e-bikes substitute other alternatives easily.

But if the chain collapses, the motorcycle can not persist, as the motor can not pull the tire and move forward.

Based on the brain

Your decision can include the controlling mechanism and the monitor. There are e-bikes with features such as the throttle press and the twisting access to the engine, the throttle press is located next to your thumb so that it can easily be pushed when required and the twisting access is the handle itself.

The handle acceleration system option can cost more than the throttle press system because it is easy to use in any way. Then comes the brain system of an e-bike which consists of few buttons to control the use of the battery and the speed also generally there is a small display displaying the battery consumption, speed, distance traveled.

Few additional features are also given in few bikes like the heart rate calculator, the navigation option also few e-bikes get all the details monitored on their mobile phones, these are just a few additional features given in the brain of the e-bike that also make the bikes cost-effective so that anyone who does not need these additional features can quit it and make it less pricey but anyone who finds these features helpful can invest in it to enjoy the rides.

Based on structure

There are styles of an e-bike that can be customized to match your height and body; there are also bikes that offer such features as fold-able characteristics, so you can easily take them to places, where you can not take your car with you. The fold-able bikes, because of this additional feature, these bikes are more expensive than the basic ones.

As we account at maintenance costs, the battery replacement costs and power costs to refill the batteries for everyday use, in addition to the actual e-biking costs. The battery will continue to operate for around 10,000 to 30,000 miles if used in pedal assistance mode.

Battery costs would be based on the size, shape or other features, but in general, they are about $300 to $700. Electricity can be carried with one charge from 22 to 35 Miles. The maximum loading of the battery would need 0.13 kWh of electricity. That’d be only about 12 cents. Whereas the yearly maintenance can cost around $150 approx.

I hope the features addressed above would help you depending on what you need in your e-bike and how it affects the e-bike’s cost. If you don’t need a few things on your bicycle, then you can avoid it on your bike and reduce the cost. If you’re about to buy your first electric bike, Don’t Forget to read the Product reviews of best electric bikes under £1000 Available in the UK.


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