Bicycles have been around us for centuries and not a lot has changed since now. They rely totally on our muscles which helps them move. Do you know? A Bicycle is almost 5 times effective and gives a better energy outcome with the same effort.

As technology has been improving in almost every field, we are seeing some great improvements and new possibilities to overcome many modern-day problems. Nowadays we have Electric Bike or commonly known as E-bikes. This new battery powered bike offers more benefits than the regular ones.

You can use them as a great way of transportation and also as a fitness tool. You can also save a lot of money in the process. When people think about buying an best electric bikes under £1000 one question always comes in their mind. Is it worth investing in an e-bike? if you are one of those then read along to find out. We are here to clear all your doubts so you can make a perfect buying decision.

What’s an Electric Bike?

An electric bike is just like a regular bike with some added electrical components. You still have the same frame as a normal bike and some main components such as the motor, battery, and the controller. Electric bike comes in all kinds of different styles but the most common one is Pedelec (Pedal Assist) and the other one is throttle mode.

Pedal assisted bike is what many people tend to choose because you are applying your own muscle power and getting some assistance from the motor. Here, when you start pedaling the bike, the motor will give you an extra boost which helps you ride easily without applying much effort. Generally, there are 4 to 5 different assist settings available which you can switch by the help of the digital display.

The other kind of electric bike is the throttle. This kind of e-bike is just like a motorbike or moped You can choose to not use the pedal at all, just twist the throttle and the bike will automatically accelerate for you. The pedal can be used to save your back just in case you ran out of power. Let’s also talk about some of its main components.

E-bikes are capable of going long distance on a single charge. On average an e-bike can easily get you through 30 Miles on a single charge. It all depends on how bigger the battery capacity is and how much assistance you are using. The less assistance will be, the longer the battery is going to last. Some high-end electric bike can go up to 100 Miles



E-bikes comes with Lithium-ion battery. A bigger part of the e-bike price mainly depends on the battery. A high-quality battery can affect the price a lot. Previously the battery used to be very heavy but nowadays it weight anywhere between 5 to 10 Pounds. They are also detachable so you can remove them and charge indoors.


The motor helps you achieve such enjoyable rides. Usually, it is fitted in the center of the e-bike, very close to the pedal while in some case it is either fitted on the front wheel or the rear wheel. All of them has its own advantages and disadvantages and you can check them to find the ideal one for you. Basically, the center one feels more natural as the motor is in the center of the mass and you won’t feel the extra weight.


The Controller consists of the Digital Display, The Assist setting, the gear and the rest of the things which keeps the bike working. The Display lets you see the speed you are going with and some different settings. You can also see the battery percentage over there. To change the assist settings you have a volume dial and you can pick anything between 0 to 5. The lowest setting means no assist and the highest one requires least human effort. The rest of the things are not as important so we are not going to talk about that.

Some History Behind the Electric Bike.

Let’s flash some light on the history of e-bike. They are been around from over a century now and has only gained importance in the last 20 years. The major growth of e-bike sales started in 1998 and in the last 20 years, it has already captured a significant part of the market. They are mostly classified same as bicyle but in few countires they come under motorcycles or motorized bicycles.

It all started back in the late 19th century. The first patent for the battery-powered bike was filed by Ogden Bolton back in 1895 and there was another patent by Hosea W. Libbey in 1897 for a bicycle with double electric motor and in the same year John schnepf patented a electric motor with roller wheels.

The first sucessful e-bike which landed in the market was named “Select” and appeared in 1997. Till the early 2000s there were around 49 different type of e-bike available in the market. The two main company involbed in the mass production was Yamaha and the Panasonic. Nowadays the production of the e-bike has reached it’s sky limit and becasue of the significant growth different countires have applied different rules and regulations on the use of electric bikes on public road.

Benefits of riding an Electric Bike.

E-bikes come with a lot of benefits from saving your money and time to many health-related benefits. First of all, these are great for daily commuting. You can use the e-bike to get to work, use them in your leisure time to roam around the park for some exercise or carrying kids and groceries without breaking a sweat.

Let’s say, your workplace it about 3 to 4 miles away. It can take you almost an hour if you decide to walk to work. It can take you around 20 to 25 minutes if you decide to take a regular bike with you. Now if you have an e-bike then you can easily cover this distance in just 10 to 15 minutes. You have a battery which can go on an average of 30 miles so you don’t need to worry about anything. In a single charge, you can travel a whole week to work including up and down.

The electric bike can also help you when you have children. You can get an extra attachment for the back and carry 1 or 2 children along with you for a nice ride around the park. You can also attach a basket on the front which can help you carry your groceries from the supermarket.

Apart from this, E-bikes can also make you healthier. It can make you more fit and there are a lot of health benefits associated with it. You can use your e-bike for your daily exercise, just set the assistance level to low so you have to apply your own effort and only turn up the assistance when there is a hill which you have to pass through. Regular riding an e-bike can have a positive impact on your health. It helps you to improve your blood pressure, lungs and also improves your blood sugar level.

E-bikes also have many environmental benefits. Such as zero-emission, and no air pollution. E-bike batteries last you for years before you would required to replace it. A car or a motorbike creates a lot of air pollution, image people switching over to an e-bike can create a great impact on the environment.

Who can ride an electric bike?

Almost everyone. Just in case you are living in some countries which have different rules and regulation, a minimum age of 14 is required to ride an e-bike on a public road. Anyone can ride an e-bike a park or private property without any issue. It is great for anyone and people of all age should ride an e-bike. Whether you are a teen and want a e-bike to ride to your high school or a grown up man want it to commute to work daily. Personally, I have seen a lot of old aged people riding e-bikes without any issues.

Conclusion, is it worth it?

Why would you require an e-bike? You can ask yourself some questions and decide for yourself. Whether you want an e-bike or not it’s totally up to you. If you are still riding a regular bike for all your need then you might be familiar with the problems related to it. Are you getting to work very sweatily? You must also be reaching to work having very tired or painted. Do you have a hill or a slope in your way which makes the regular bike harder to ride?.

If you are going through all these then you might wanna think of getting an e-bike. E-bikes have a lot of benefits as already stated above. You can also pick an e-bike if are looking for one of these.


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