Electric Bikes has been around for a while and they are here to stay. They are now becoming one of the fastest growing segments in the entire bicycle market.

According to a research the E-Bike sale has received a massive boost of around 91% in 1 year which is 2016 to 2017 and we expect this to grow a lot later down the line

Although E-Bikes is not very popular in the UK as they are in other parts of the globe like Europe but sooner or later, they going to become more prominent and you will get to see more E-Bikes here also.

If you love cycling then E-Bikes will be great to assist you better. E-Bikes are just like a regular bicycle. They have several components which are different in an E-Bike such as an electric motor and a battery power. They have integrated motors and gives you a lot of assistance in terms of pedal, and hub assist.

It assists the pedal or what you call, throttle giving you an initial boost. This gives you a lot more extra power which helps you climb hills and terrains with ease.

E-Bikes are best who is not a frequent rider if you had to cover a greater distance it makes it really simple also keep in mind that they are not like a motorcycle.

You can cover a lot more distance with the help of assist in a short amount of time. An E-Bike removes most of your pressure and strain which you had with a regular bicycle, the harder you pedal the bike the more boost you’ll get, and the faster you’ll ride.

If you are going to get an electric bike for your own and don’t know much about what to consider and what to avoid then this guide is for you. Here you will learn a lot more about E-Bikes and get to know about the most common mistakes people make so you don’t make the same. So, stick to the end as this article has been set up with a lot of research and testing.

The Best Electric Bike Buying Guide Here

There are a lot of options out there and seeing such numbers of E-Bikes available you will surely get confused. You don’t need to worry as we have taken care of all these. When it comes to buying the best electric bikes there are a lot of things which you should consider but first let’s start off with the type of bike because it matters the most.

What type of Bike you need?

The very easy way to start is by choosing the type of bike you want. Ask yourself, what the purpose of the bike you are going to buy. These are divided into the following categories:

Mountain Bike – Electric mountain bikes are great if you want an E-Bike for riding slopes or trails such as in the countryside, mountains or forest area. These bikes are also referring to eMTB’s and lack rear suspension and have a front suspension fork instead. If you want to get a bike for casual downhill riding which has a few potholes in the way then a mountain bike is something you should be looking at. These bikes feature a great build quality and can handle more pressure. This makes it very durable and lasts you several years of torture. You can also get a cheaper mountain bike and that will also be good as a regular e-bike.

Cruiser Bike – A Cruiser e-bike is built just like a regular cruiser motorcycle. They are large and build mostly around comfort and style. These bikes are long and wide and have larger seats. The handlebars are also kept higher and the pedals are kept forward near the front wheel. The seats are made lower so the rider can rest his both feet on the ground during a stop. These bikes are very fun to ride and will give you a feel of a cruiser motorcycle. Keep in mind that these bikes are generally large and heavier than other kinds of e-bikes and give you low speed.

Road Bike – Road bikes or also known as a commuter and urban bike are great for casual riding. Most of the road bikes share the same build such as narrow tires, narrow saddles, no suspension and features a lightweight design. These e-bikes come in a lot of different ranges. If you want a bike just for casual road riding on your daily commuting road then the road e-bike is a perfect choice for you especially the lightweight options. I recommend you to use these bikes without assist as they can be ride easily, you can also take a look at the hybrid option. Their tires are usually wider and feature additional traction and resistance giving you a lot of comforts.

Cargo Bike – Cargo e-bikes are one of the most growing categories in the e-bike segment. These are becoming one of the best options for people who used to commute goods. Not only goods but these bikes can be a great option if you are looking for a cargo bike for carrying kids or pets or just casual shopping goods. Cargo e-bikes have large baskets, and racks for carrying a heavy load. These bikes don’t look good, they are not for show-offs but they are very useful. Sometimes they come with 3 tires and comes with few modified things to provide better stability even with full of loads.

Folding Bike – Folding e-bikes are very portable and good for those who have limited storage space available. These bikes are very compact and feature small wheels and fewer gears. Folding e-bikes has folding points such as in the middle or near the handlebars so you can fold the bike into a small pack which is hardly large than the size of a bag. You can easily put them in the back of your car or carry them with you on a train. The main con with this one is sometimes they come with low-quality parts or are generally heavier than others despite there are still some great folding bikes available for you to choose from.

Hub Motor or Mid drive system?

Hub Motor system

If an e-bike has a hub motor drive system then it will come with Fixed gear with one speed. The motor here is mounted on the front or the rear wheel. These are best for Flat Ground and not suitable for climbing Hills. When the motor is mounted on the rear wheel it becomes harder to balance the bike and when the motor is placed on the front wheel the bike becomes harder to push so sometimes these bikes feel natural.

Mid-drive system

On a mid-drive system, the motor is simply placed in the middle of both wheels i.e. mounted on the pedal itself. This makes sure the bike is well balanced and feels like you are riding a regular bicycle. You won’t feel any additional weight and pressure; these are good for climbing. It uses gears of the bike in parallel with the rider. So better efficiency on steep hills as well as regular commuting road.

Things to Consider


E-Bikes are powered by a battery and this is the most discussed aspect of an electric bike. They come with a pack of lithium-ion battery and measured in terms of wattage. You will get something ranging from 200 watts to 600 watts power and greater the number will be the greater the range you are going to get with the e-bike. If two e-bikes have a similar drive system then the one with a bigger battery will go further. This is how we determine the range of an electric bike.

These bikes are sold with one battery pack but however, you can get another battery pack in an e-bike which has this functionality. When the e-bike runs out of battery you can still use it but remember the electric parts will not function until you recharge the bike by plugging it into a socket. Generally, an e-bike can cover a range of 50 to 80 Kilometres but that depends on large the battery capacity is. An average charge cycle for an e-bike battery is around 800 after then you might have to get the battery replacement.


The voltage determines how powerful the motor on an e-bike is and the range is determined in watt-hours. Take an example, Watt-hours = Voltage x AMP Hours. Now 37 Volts and 48 Volts are the main standards in which e-bikes generally come in. This is somewhat between 8- and 30-AMP Hours. Example: 37 Volts x 20 AMP Hours = 740-Watt Hours. This is how we determine the battery capacity and also keep in mind that more powerful the motor will the faster your battery will drain.


This is the most common mistake most people usually do while buying an e-bike. You should not believe in the mileage range estimates set by the company. There are no standards for testing e-bikes as we have in cars. So, estimating the mileage range for an e-bike is close to meaningless. This is affected by various factors such as your weight, the road you are traveling on, and the speed with which you are going. Normal e-bikes can give you an average of 15.5 miles per hour and can go a maximum of 50 to 80 miles.


Most e-bikes are heavier than a regular bicycle. They have extra components such as a motor, battery and all other kinds of stuff which adds up to the weight of the bike. E-Bikes come in a range of 20 KG and can go up to 40 KG depending on the type of bike. Before buying a bike make sure you can handle such weight and can move around.

Price ranges for an Electric Bike

When you have gone through all of these the last thing which is left is to decide a price point you are going to pay for your e-bike. E-Bikes are priced much higher than a regular bicycle and you can get something from a super budget range to a high budget premium range.

The price of the E-Bike will decide how good the component used here will be. Most of the E-bikes features similar kinds of the component but the premium ones will have better electric component. There are a lot of tech going around in an E-Bike. The range starts from as low as £500 and can go as high up to £2000.


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