Let’s just collate an e-bike with a normal road bike to get the answer to the questions, this would give us a lot of knowledge about e-bikes.

Next, we’d continue with some details about how exactly an electric bike looks like? And what’s there in it?

Getting started with the body e-bikes, they look very similar to any other normal road bicycle, but they’d just have some extra features. With the same gear systems, it looks natural with the disk breaks and few wires, but the distinction here is that the e-bikes have a few additional things like the battery the motor and the driver unit in it.

Firstly, the battery, they are generally found in the market in 3 variants. One is the frame-inbuilt battery, replaceable battery, and trunk-mounted battery. Then the motors are classified according to their placement into the cycle, the front-wheel-drive, when motor located in the front wheel, the rear-wheel-drive, motor placed in the rear wheel and the mid-drive motor supporting all wheels on the bike and is placed the center of the bike frame.

Then the controller this is usually placed on the handle side, it may be on on the right or left depending on the designs, the controller could have a display screen that gives battery charging statistics, distance traveled often acts as a speed monitor and calculates the watts used by the bike when pushing the e-bike.

Those are the basic features in an e-bike that may differ by a few points, such as how much you spend and which brand you are using, etc. The e-bikes have a great evolution over time, meanwhile, some cycles are battery-dependent, and you can ride them without difficulties or pedaling, these are known as throttle models.

Another type of e-bikes is known as pedelec or pedal assist, which normally gets a little support by motor and battery, but you’ll have to pedal it to rid the wheel.

There are many choices for e-bikes that you can select from and it relies entirely on your requirements. The features of e-bikes should now be obvious from the overview above, so let’s compare their popularity now.

The easiest way to commute around

People who use public transport to travel for work can save time and effort, no more long wait for tickets and struggle in the crowd.

You can just take your e-bike to work. The regular road cycle can sweat the journey while the car can get stuck in the road traffic and thus substitute all these options for an e-bike that can pilot you quickly to your office on Mondays and turn the sad Mondays with a great kick-start of an e-bike to your work .

People working as delivery boys can afford e-bikes and delivery can be quick and easy on non-traffic cycle paths. It’s the perfect option for people who do a lot of errand work.


Pollution and congestion are at the highest stage in some areas. In these places, E-Bikes are the best option, since they do not use detrimental energy, they generally charge with only 0.5 to 0.7 kWh depending on the battery size. You are also doing your part here in protecting the environment.

No need to stop

Another reason why E-bikes are awesome is that they are non stop working, let us say if the car motor is not working you would have to face the trouble, what if the bus drivers are on strike? Don’t stop, if you have an e-bike and it’s motor isn’t working or let’s say the battery isn’t charged even though you can use your e-bike as a normal road bike and few pedals can also make you reach to your office.

So for resilient people, this is an awesome option to go with. Your fuel vehicle might not have fuel in it sometimes but when you have an e-bike you can charge it anytime in your house and keep going. I consider it to be the best advantage of these bicycles.


When you go shopping, to the office or to meet a friend of yours, a few streets away, you don’t have to spend your precious dollars on your car gas. The best way to do this is to ride the e-bike, which deploys a few cents to recharge the battery.

Using 0.4 to 0.8 kWh, e-bikes are generally charged for about 13 cents and you are allowed to travel 22 or 32 miles in a single charge. Whereas a small sedan cost around 46.4 cents per mile will ask you to pay approximately $1.2 for 22 miles. Isn’t it great to continue to save your dollars as well?

Fitness enthusiasts

People ask, “Are e-bikes good for health compared with ordinary road bikes?” As I’ve noticed, people who ride mountain bikes, prefer e-bikes, as this gives them the pleasure of riding.

People get tired early if there are slopes in the way of riding but it is found that when they use e-bikes they get assistance on climbs while cycling and as it is easy to use people relish more and the struggle to ride changes into pleasure, people cover extra miles compared to regular bike rides.

Now, people who don’t have time in this busy life to work out, they’re using e-bikes as a non-sweaty way to get to the office with a quick work out. Other than this our children get fat because of there food choice, we can’t always impel them to improve their diet but we can make them ride their e-bikes to school or college, they’d find it cool enough to ride, and as it would be fun for them, they’d also enjoy this little hidden workout.

E-bikes would also act as parental hacks to keep kids healthy. It is also one of the best options for elderly families.

Parking space

One of the biggest problems with cars is that it can cost us a lot on parking tickets for instance if we go to shopping.

Once again, the best option would be to carry a shopping bag and go with your e-bike, which usually comes with an already installed locking system, and you don’t really need a lot of space to park it, you can even park it inside your house, whereas the cars can take up your garden space to park.

Also, the e-bikes have removable batteries which can get charged easily after removing from the frame, You don’t have to take your entire bike around a power outlet.

Control system

The simple, easy to learn control system makes the battery, motor, speed and distance stable and comprehensive. You can adjust it accordingly and even if your chain breaks, the bikes will work due to their chinless system. Navigation options are available for bikes as well as LED lights for night trips. You can ensure if the battery is fully charged with the help of the onboard computer screen.

Therefore, not just e-bikes, but any shuttle transport would be the best choice if it offers you the possibility to save energy, environment, time, space, money, & also ensures your good health and is well-controlled.

I hope this is sufficiently descriptive to explain how popular e-bikes are, and why are many countries choosing them. Get your e-bike style and start taking advantage of this major e-bike evolution.


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