An electric bike is a growing trend and it is also a good step towards cycling not away from cycling. Electric bike sales have been touching the sky and as per a report, it was a whopping 220 Percent sales increase last year just in the UK. The same report also suggests that over 60 percent of the people who bought an electric bike are 55 years or older. That’s all because of the health benefits of riding an E-bike.

When people think about e-bikes they have a misleading about it. Many people think that it’s just like a motorbike because it powers itself and the main purpose is lost because we don’t have to pedal it, but that’s not true. Once you ride an e-bike you will completely get it. Riding an E-bike is definitely fun and it gives you so much confidence which makes your ride simpler and effortless.

Can we get fit with an electric bike? We are going to find out just that. In this article, we will cover all the fitness benefits of riding an e-bike. If you came here to know more about e-bikes but don’t know if they can actually help you in your workout then keep on reading ahead to find out the actual truth.

Let’s Clear-Electric Bike are not Motorcycle.

Many people out there think that and an Electric Bike or E-bike is like a motorbike with the body of a bicycle and it will do everything on its own and you just have to sit on it and ride effortlessly. Well, this is true in some case but that totally depends on the type of e-bike you are buying. There are a couple of e-bikes available ranging from pedal-assist to motor only. The pedal-assist bikes are called Pedelecs and this is what you should look for if you want an e-bike for exercises and to get fit.

The thing is – on e-bikes you have to put your efforts in. Whatever setting you try it requires you to pedal and make it work. Remember, No Pedal means No Power. You can also use the e-bike as a regular bike which means you can choose to disable the assistance and don’t use the power at all. They come in various settings to determine how much assistance you want. You can increase or decrease the assist setting to set how fast or slow you want to ride for climbing a hill or stepping down the hill or just disable the setting at all and ride like a normal bicycle for a great workout.

Why You Should Ride an Electric Bike?

E-Bikes are battery powered and with the help of the motor, it gives you pedal assist. Electric bikes have a lot of benefits from regular day to day commuting to health benefits. It can also help you to keep up with your friends as not everybody has the same fitness level and cannot ride at the same speed. Sometimes you may leave behind because you don’t have the same stamina as your friend or vice versa. The electric bike assist will help you to keep up with them and ride together. The best thing here is people of all ages can ride an ebike and utilize all of its benefits.

First of all, e-bike helps you to save a lot of money in the long run. In many countries the prices of petrol and diesel are very costlier and especially in some cases, the hike in a price can also affect you a lot. The additional fuel cost then adds up to the initial money you spent on the vehicle and becomes huge. Whereas if you spend your money on an e-bike, you won’t have to spend additional money on fuels. You can easily buy affordable batteries and with a full charge, you can go up to 15 to 50 Miles depending upon the level of assistance you need.

If you ride a regular bike then you might be familiar with how difficult it is to climb up a hill. On the other hand, Electric Bikes Make It Easier To Go Uphill. It has different boost setting which helps you climb the hill without breaking a sweat. Let’s see how it works. Normally an electric bike has different assistance settings such as 50%, 100% to all the way up to 250%. If you switch to the highest assistance level setting which is 250% the motor will run at its highest capacity and combining this with your pedal power you can easily climb up a hill with the same effort you could do while riding a flat road.

What happens while riding a regular bike? You use all your energy while riding it and once you are exhausted you quit the exercise. Whereas Riding an electric bike is easy and fun. You don’t have to apply the same effort as a regular bike and thus you can use the assistance to help you ride further and continue the exercise. In the end, you will still left with some energy to help you get you back to your home.

Does Electric Bike helps you get fit?

High or Low, you can choose the level of exercise you want.

With an Electric bike, you can choose the level of exercise you want, thanks to the different assist level settings. You can choose to not use the assistance at all and do everything manually, as the electric bike is generally heavier than a regular bike you have to apply more effort and get more exercise. You can also choose to only use the high assistance level while climbing up the hill and for the rest of the places the low assistance level will work just fine.

Using your electric bike for transportation.

This is the best way to get exercised using an best electric bikes under £1000, You can use your electric bike for all kind of transportation use whether it’s going to work or getting things from your local shopping mall. Let’s take it as an example. Suppose you go to your work and then return from the work daily. You do this at least 5 times a week. If the commuting time is around 25 Mins per day then you can have more than 4 hours of weekly exercise. Here you don’t even have to spare some extra time from your busy schedule it just goes with the flow.

It Encourages you to use it more.

Just like a normal bike we use our muscles to pedal the bike. Sometimes on a normal bike covering long-distance seems really difficult. People think that they can’t pedal that far so they ditch the idea of using it. On an electric bike, the assistance helps us to get more boost. It gives you extra confidence and gives you a whole new level of cycling experience. The difference is that we get a lot further in a less amount of time with the help of the motor thus it encourages us to use it more. You can ride longer without worrying because the electric motor is always there for you.

Exercise without torturing your body.

When you ride a normal bike, it puts a ton of pressure on your knees and joints. When you are already suffering from a joint problem then it not ideal for you. An electric bike will take off most of the pressure from your joints and knees and helps you enjoy your ride without affecting any of your body parts. An electric bike is also a bit heavier so you have to do some work in order to ride it with assistance disabled. You can disable the assistance when you don’t have any kind of muscle and joint problem and use its weight to exercise your core muscles. In this way, your joint and bones will also become strong.


At the end of the post if you are still curious if the electric bike is good for excessive? then Yes! Many people buy an electric bike just for that purpose. The electric bike works the same way as a normal bicycle so yes they can be used to get fit in a less painful and effective way. Don’t just buy the electric bike and use the assistant and start thinking that it will make you fit. This is not going to work unless you put out some effort pedaling the bike. Make sure to buy the Pedelec so it only gives you assistance while you pedal. Use the various assistant setting given to choose the level of workout you want. This is the right way to do it.

These small steps can make a huge difference in the long run. Riding an electric bike will improve your health in many ways. It helps improve your blood pressure. It makes your heart, lungs, and blood vessels more efficient. Lastly, it also helps you to improve your blood sugar processing and improve your overall cardiovascular fitness level.

The electric bike is definitely a step toward the right direction for a lot of people and you should also try it out if you are still riding your regular bike. So this wraps up the article and we hope we have answered all your queries and helped you to understand the importance of electric bike when it comes to health and fitness. If you have any kind of questions related to it then don’t forget to leave them down below, we will be more than happy to help you out.


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